Crackers, Strawberry & Cheese.

Do I hear brain foooood?

2 Huntley & Palmers reduced fat cream crackers. 60 cals.
Laughing Cow 62% reduced fat cheese- 1 portion. 26 cals.
4 big, juicy strawberries! 10 cals.

Total: 96 calories!

Score. Super refreshing brain food. Yes, because I’m having exams right now.

Have this as breakfast or a snack. :)

Remember the key to a low calorie, but healthy snack is portion control. I had 2 crackers instead of the usual “3 cracker” serving size stated on the box. You don’t have to eat a certain amount just ‘cause that’s what the label says the serving size is! Eat enough for you to feel satiated, then stop.

With regards to portion control, I absolutely love Laughing Cow’s reduced fat cheese. It’s only 26 calories for one reasonably sized portion! Imagine that. Plus, it was so creamy and yummy. Didn’t taste like it was “reduced fat” at all. If you’re not a huge fan of cheese, you can easily just have half of the one portion, and save the other half of that portion of cheese in the fridge for your next snack. See? You don’t have to eat the whole thing just because that’s “one” portion.

Although I did. Haha. And I loved it.

On another note, I haven’t exactly been healthy today. I had 5 squares of Lindt chocolate (85% dark & some Mint Intense). :/ And I went out with my mum today and had a tomato pesto bagel. So I guess I’ll have to get back on the healthy bandwagon RIGHT NOW. Really, not tomorrow. :) Bet’cha didn’t expect that!

Heehee. Have a great day everyone!


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